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Best Pet Magazine Publisher in Nottingham

Our business provides helpful advice for pet owners also including other animals that aren't household pets which includes in every magazine an article on a animal, bird, reptile, fish and insects. At Shasam, we strive to publish nothing but the finest books in a wide variety of genres. Our Nottingham-based publishing company has read through reams of manuscripts – some a treat, some not quite as nice – to bring you the highest quality works from emerging and established authors alike. While larger publishing houses are often hamstrung by their size, our agility allows us to adapt to our readership as it grows. If you'd like to discuss our bibliography or submit a manuscript of your own, please get in touch with us on +447802763737

What We Publish

While our bibliography can serve as a good guide to the sort of material we prefer to publish, it's no secret that at Shasam our eyes are carefully trained to look for works that are thought-provoking, ambitious, and elicit that certain something you simply do not find in a lesser work. Some may say this is vague, but we'd reply that truly top-notch writing can appear in any number of ways – and to limit the scope of our publishing unnecessarily would be a grave misstep.

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Whether you’re into dogs, cats, or birds, our dedicated team of journalists and writers are at hand to keep you up to date on a daily basis. Our network of vetted and trusted sources ensures we have our fingers on the pulse in a variety of geographic regions as well as a variety of topics. So why not browse through our sections to find animal news that is tailored to your interests.


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